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 The First Catch [Closed]

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The First Catch [Closed] 003376537
Himaru looked down at the shores of Pallet Town from the boat, thinking, "What a boring place, besides that ranch looking area, there isn't a gym here. Kouen needs a bit of training, but going into the first gym I see, I want to see how we do. I'll need a few other Pokemon too, though." The teen's head then turned up to look at his two younger friends from Cinnabar Island, one with spiky yellow hair and the other was blinding from the light. The one higher up was already a trainer, but had decided to see Kouen and Himaru off at their start. Himaru laugh and then said, "Well, we'll be there in a few minutes. Should be fun." His digits then moved down to the lone PokéBall that sat in what looked like a gun holster. Pressing the small ball's middle button, he made it bigger and then tossed the ball to the deck of the ship, which released the Growlithe. Smiling as he go up after pushing himself to his feet, Himaru smiled as he walked over to his Growlithe, who was nicknamed Kouen. Placing his hand on the Pokemon's head and ruffling it, it looked over at the stage of the city coming before them. "The start of our journey," He started as their landing happened, "let's see where it takes us, Kouen."

He woke up from his day of camping by the sea as he yawned and stretched out a bit- he had kept Kouen in it's PokéBall. Picking up the PokéBall from the holster, he stud up and released the Pokémon inside, smiling as the Growlithe shook it's self off. He turned to where he believed he could go since he had a Pokémon. Patting the Kouen on the head and headed towards the place where the wild Pokémon were supposed to be- he wanted to strengthen Kouen a bit before catching some others. He was only going to use three Pokémon at a time, and he had to find several different types as he traveled- at least one of every type. He just knew a suggestion his father gave: don't use fire types for the first two gym leaders. Starting with Growlithe meant that he needed to look for other Pokémon.

He was no longer in Pallet Town, but in the next town; he was in Viridian City. He was there to buy some PokeBalls to catch Pokemon with. After all, he needed other Pokemon if he was going to become a strong Trainer. Moving into an area that was to the west of the city, he found a grassy area and walked around it, trying to see if he could find any Pokemon. It wouldn't be long before he spotted a round, puffball like Pokemon walking around and smirked as he withdrew his PokeBall, tossing it into the wind and said, "Kouen, come out and use Bite on that Pokemon." The ball opened and revealed the Pokemon, which went flying down and bit the Mankey. Pulling out his PokeDex, Himaru opened it and listened as the PokeDex spoke to him, revealing that this was Mankey, a Fighting Type Pokemon. He smirked and closed the PokeDex, saying, "Kouen, use Bite until it's knocked out!" The puppy Pokemon nodded as the Mankey suddenly leaped at at, lashing out with Scratch. Himaru call out, "Dodge it with a spin, then use Bite again!" The Growlithe nodded and spun, avoiding the attack. The surprised Mankey then fell on it's head, only looking like it angered the Pokemon further. His Kouen charged at the Mankey and bit it, to which the Mankey let out an enragged cry, kicking at the puppy Pokemon's feet. Himaru's eyes widened as the Mankey as about to give a final blow when the puppy Pokemon bit it's leg as it went for another hit. Himaru then ordered, "Lets go, finish this battle with a Bite!" The Growlithe almost Roared, but then did as it's master commanded, biting the Mankey's arm and shaking the Pokemon until it fell to the ground with swirls in its eyes. Pulling his arm back after making a vacent PokeBall open up, he tossed it at the Mankey, watching carefully at the struggle before they ball finally stopped moving and settled. Smirking as he walked over, the teenager beant down and patted his Growlithe on the head and then picked up the PokeBall and said, "Alright, now I have a Mankey!" Turning to Kouen, he said, holding up his PokeBall for the pup, "Return, Kouen." The Pokemon went into the ball and he placed them both away, running for the Poke-Center to have them both Healed. He decided on the way to call Mankey Saru.

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The First Catch [Closed]
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